Open a Coke, Open Happiness Coca Cola Ad Campaign Analysis

Wieden and Kennedy Portland Agencies came up with the Open Happiness campaign along with seven other agencies for Coca Cola. This campaign launched in 2009 and became an important component of other Coca Cola ads.

elements of design

CONTRAST – An important element of design that is very evident in this ad is contrast. Various elements of the bottle create contrast with the rest of the design. First, the color red of the bottle is bright and much darker than the rest of the colors which are more natural. Also, the logo which we can appreciate on the Coke bottle creates good contrast with the text in the image. The two typographies are very different. One is a sans serif, and the Coca Cola logo is more of a script typeface. The small ladybug standing on the piece of grass helps give the contrat that the bottle is giving with the rest of the image.

REPETITION – The lady red ladybug not only is a contrast along with the Coke bottle, but it also is a repetitive element of the same.

PROXIMITY – Everyone relates sunshine with happiness. I think it’s something that at least the majority of people can relate with. In this ad, the designers, very cleverly, placed the Coke bottle close to the sunshine in the image to demonstrate there is a relationship between the two. More specifically, that Coca Cola brings you happiness. The same principle applies with the text as well. Open a Coke, open happiness, is placed right. y the bottle so that it’s very obvious what they are talking about.

ALIGNMENT – In regards to alignment, everything in this design is flushed to the left. Although for the most part, all of the space is filled, every significant element is leaning more towards the left. This creates visual appeal and consistency.


The general colors in this ad are very bright and uplifting. They really show a happy emotion as intended.

newly created ad

Looking back at the recreation of the ad that I did, I wish I would’ve done some things differently. First, I changed the wording of the text. I believe that the word happiness is essential to the original campaign, and changing that word changes the definition and message. That being said, some of the other elements of this design together with the word tranquility give off a different message.

CONTRAST – There is not as much light in this foreground picture as in the original, but it is intended that the legs and the coke bottle stand out and contrast from the rest of the image, as they are darker colors and brought to the front for the viewer to be able to create a contrast.

I created the same proximity as the original post. The text and coke bottle are next to each other to show that there is a relationship with the two, and that tranquility comes from drinking the coke bottle.

TYPOGRAPHY – The rules for typography in this as are the same as with the original. I used two different typefaces to create a contrast.


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